What are the pros and cons of electric breast pumps?

  1. Free your hands. For time-stressed moms, an electric breast pump can be a time-saver.
  2. The suction power can be adjusted. There are different strengths of suction that can be adjusted, and moms can adjust it according to their own comfort and the length of time they spend.
  3. Small size, easy to carry, the rechargeable model can make you not limited by the power supply, you can use it in the event of a power outage or when you cannot find the power supply.
  4. Uniform suction. The electric breast pump imitates the baby's pumping rhythm, and also has a massage mode that stimulates the mammary glands before pumping, effectively promoting milk secretion, comfortable and painless.
  5. Easy to clean. The motor is removable, only the parts that come into contact with the milk need to be cleaned.

  1. It is more expensive than a manual breast pump.
  2. Electric drive is required. Wired power breast pumps are limited by the location of the power source, and wireless power breast pumps need to be fully charged in time.
  3. The sound is louder than the manual breast pump when in use.
  4. It is heavier than a manual breast pump, only a lighter electric breast pump can be selected.