How to Use an Electric Breast Pump Safely?

  1. Before you start milking, choose a comfortable seat, relax and lean forward slightly with a pillow behind you. And put a glass of water next to it. Discomfort of any kind can interfere with your breast milk supply.
  2. Wash your hands before and after each milking. If you have used creams or medicines on your breasts, you need to wash your breasts.
  3. Make sure you have cleaned, sanitized and installed your breast pump.
  4. Read the instruction manual of the electric breast pump carefully to avoid any kind of accident.
  5. The first few days of pumping may not produce much milk. However, regular pumping can stimulate your breasts and start producing more milk after a few days.
  6. The suction power of the breast pump can make your milk flow smoothly without reaching the maximum level, so adjust the suction power of the breast pump to make you feel comfortable.
  7. When you observe that your milk flow is slowing and your breasts are not feeling full, turn off the pump.
  8. Remove the breast pump, keep the breast pump upright, remove the motor part, hold the breast pump, pour the breast milk into a bottle or milk storage bag, mark the date and refrigerate.
  9.Cleaning and sanitizing each part of the pump properly after use is a must. Failing to do so may cause health problems to your baby. After cleaning and sanitising it, dry it up with a paper towel to make it moisture free.
  10. Be careful not to overuse the electric breast pump. Some mothers think that the electric breast pump is omnipotent, but if it is used improperly, the breast pump will also damage the nipple.