How to choose a breast pump?

The right breast pump for you is a good breast pump. The choice of breast pump depends on how often you use it and how much time you are able to spend pumping. Manual or electric? Single or double pump?
 1.A manual or electric pump?
Manual breast pumps are cheaper, quieter, lighter, and convenient for occasional pumping, but they can only be used for one breast at a time and take longer to pump each time. You have to keep pulling the handle to create the vacuum, which can be laborious. You can choose if you don't use it often.
Electric breast pumps are easier and more convenient to use, each pumping time is shorter, allowing one or both breasts to be pumped at the same time, and the price will be more expensive because the motor is pumping for you. It is divided into wired power type and battery type. The location of the wired power type breast pump is limited, and you must be attached to the power supply before it can be used. A battery-operated breast pump works regardless of the power location, you just need to charge it.
  2.A single or double breast pump?
The single-pump breast pump is suitable for occasional milking, and the double-pump electric breast pump is more convenient for regular milking and higher efficiency. Not only can a double-breast pump cut your milking time in half, it also increases milk production. This is a great option for busy moms.
Keep in mind that the multitude of breast pump types reflect many of a mom's personal needs, and what works for your mom or friend may not work for you. Choosing the ideal breast pump is the best decision to make after considering your needs and weighing all options.