Indoor Air Quality Affects Infant Health

Healthy indoor air quality is very important to your overall health, especially for newborns. Because the average child spends more than 80% of the time indoors every day, pollution of the indoor air environment has a more pronounced impact on children's respiratory health. Also,this has to do with the size of the child, the ratio of lung size to body size, and the rate of infant respiration. Infants and young children take about forty breaths per minute when awake while the average adult takes only fifteen breaths per minute. Children also have a larger lung surface area in proportion to their weight. Infants and children are also more likely to experience health problems associated with poor air quality because their brain, lungs, and immune systems are still developing.

1.Reasons affecting indoor air quality:
Burning Wood, Plastic, or Trash
Tobacco Products
Paint Fumes
Cleaning Chemicals
Carbon Dioxide in the Home
The Deterioration of Asbestos
Newly Installed Flooring and/or Carpet
Excess Moisture
Dust & Mite Particles
Mold Spores
Airborne Bacterial Matter
Paint/Chemical Storage (Even in an Attached Garage)
Animal Dandruff
Perfumes and Hairsprays
Cooking or Candle Smoke
Outdoor Air Quality Factors

2.The impact of air quality problems on the body
Young children often experience immediate irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. They may also experience dizziness, fatigue, and headaches. With prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality, a person is likely to develop irreversible respiratory disease, heart disease, asthma and possibly even cancer. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood.

3.Improve Indoor Air Quality
-Assess potential sources of poor air quality in your home and cut them off at the source!
-Open doors and windows for ventilation. The main cause of unhealthy indoor air quality is poor ventilation. Especially if you're painting, cleaning, or doing other activities that create a lot of pollutants in the air.
-Use an air purifier - There are a variety of purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and home air filtration systems that can be used to improve air quality. Especially babies and children's rooms should be used early.