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Guidelines for Breastfeeding in Public and Workplaces

You know there are times when moms have to breastfeed or express in public or at work. But it can be stressful for mom. Because many moms are still discriminated against, they believe any form of breast exposure is inappropriate. Especially for new mothers.
Mothers' stigma, lack of support and workplace barriers are barriers to continued breastfeeding success.

Breastfeeding or Expressing Breast Milk in Public or at Work
Moms need to know that you have a legal right to breastfeed in public, despite the negative stigma and accusations it can bring you.
In fact, the Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act of 2019 requires certain public buildings to provide a screened, sanitary space (excluding bathrooms) with seating, a work surface and an electrical outlet for milking. Such as shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and other public places.
In addition, these laws require companies to provide reasonable breaks for employees to express breast milk for their breastfeeding child one year after the birth. In addition to toilets, bosses must provide employees with a place to express breast milk. They will have a full maternity and breastfeeding policy. Before and after you join the company or give birth, you will need to check with your supervisor or human resources about flexible rest times, comfortable and safe pumping places, etc.
The Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act of 2019.

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public
Some moms find it easy to breastfeed in public, while others find it uncomfortable. Whether you're a new mom or already breastfeeding in public, no matter how you feel about feeding in public. It is inevitable that there will be situations where feeding in public places is required. So here are some tips for women breastfeeding in public:
1. Know your breastfeeding rights.
In many countries, you have the right to breastfeed anywhere that is open to the public, and there are laws protecting breastfeeding mothers. If you're not sure what the public laws about breastfeeding are in where you live, try doing some research online. This is crucial for any breastfeeding mother. Prepare legal copies in advance if needed.
2. Do your research.
Before you go out with your newborn, make a list of places to breastfeed in a public area near you so you don't rush to find a place at the last minute. Shopping malls, department stores and children's clothing stores often have private spaces with comfortable chairs and changing facilities. Even when needed, the store's changing rooms are private spaces.
3. Dress for the occasion.
Wear clothes that are easily accessible to your chest, such as tops that are pulled up from the waist or buttoned up. Buttons on the top of the nursing care from the bottom up, lift up, or pull aside with ease are also welcome options.
4. Prepare a nursing cover or scarf
Can be covered when there is no private room. Blankets or nursing covers can also be used. But make sure there is good ventilation (to avoid overheating) and that the baby has an easy-feeding space.
5. Wear your baby.
Carry your baby in a sling, wrap or carrier. Doing this can make breastfeeding easier and allow you to continue what you're doing without having to stop to breastfeed!
6.Prep pumped milk ahead of time.
If you know ahead of time that you won't have a comfortable feeding space, or if you're uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. Prepare your previously pumped milk, thawed or reheated and bottled.
7.Practice makes perfect
You can practice breastfeeding at home in front of a mirror, or try breastfeeding in public in front of your family. You may notice that your breasts aren't as exposed as you think because your baby's head covers them. Once you get used to it, you won't feel anxious.
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