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Breast Pump Q&A

Why Express Milk?
Moms can choose to express milk for several reasons, including:
1.There may be various reasons in life that you may not be able to breastfeed your baby in time. The biggest advantage of breast pump is that your baby can benefit from your milk when you're not around. For example, when a mother returns to work, travels, or is separated from her baby for other reasons, using a breast pump to deliver and store breast milk is convenient, even necessary.Families can use stored breast milk to feed their children.
2.Expressing milk, you can clearly know the amount of milk produced, and you can also determine the amount of milk your baby eats per meal, and you can see the changes in the amount of milk your baby drinks, so as to avoid the baby choking on the milk too fast or the baby not getting enough to eat.
3.The baby will not take too long to feed each time, sucking is effective, and will not develop the habit of biting the nipple to sleep. When the baby touches the bottle first, it will be easier to wean later, and the baby will not resist the bottle.
4.It is easier to judge whether the breast is emptied by expressing milk. Empty breasts can reduce the pain caused by breast enlargement and will not affect milk production.
5.The baby's sucking may bite the mother's nipple, which can easily cause inflammation and lead to forced termination of breastfeeding.
6.The mother does not need to feed the baby anytime and anywhere, and does not have to keep the same position for a long time, causing back pain and leg pain.

How to Choose a Breast Pump?
The right breast pump for you is a good breast pump. The choice of breast pump depends on how often you use it and how much time you are able to spend pumping. Manual or electric? Single or double pump?
1.A manual or electric pump?
Manual breast pumps are cheaper, quieter, lighter, and convenient for occasional pumping, but they can only be used for one breast at a time and take longer to pump each time. You have to keep pulling the handle to create the vacuum, which can be laborious. You can choose if you don't use it often.
Electric breast pumps are easier and more convenient to use, each pumping time is shorter, allowing one or both breasts to be pumped at the same time, and the price will be more expensive because the motor is pumping for you. It is divided into wired power type and battery type. The location of the wired power type breast pump is limited, and you must be attached to the power supply before it can be used. A battery-operated breast pump works regardless of the power location, you just need to charge it.
2.A single or double breast pump?
The single-pump breast pump is suitable for occasional milking, and the double-pump electric breast pump is more convenient for regular milking and higher efficiency. Not only can a double-breast pump cut your milking time in half, it also increases milk production. This is a great option for busy moms.
Keep in mind that the multitude of breast pump types reflect many of a mom's personal needs, and what works for your mom or friend may not work for you. Choosing the ideal breast pump is the best decision to make after considering your needs and weighing all options.

How to Use an Electric Breast Pump Safely?
1. Before you start milking, choose a comfortable seat, relax and lean forward slightly with a pillow behind you. And put a glass of water next to it. Discomfort of any kind can interfere with your breast milk supply.
2. Wash your hands before and after each milking. If you have used creams or medicines on your breasts, you need to wash your breasts.
3. Make sure you have cleaned, sanitized and installed your breast pump.
4. Read the instruction manual of the electric breast pump carefully to avoid any kind of accident.
5. The first few days of pumping may not produce much milk. However, regular pumping can stimulate your breasts and start producing more milk after a few days.
6. The suction power of the breast pump can make your milk flow smoothly without reaching the maximum level, so adjust the suction power of the breast pump to make you feel comfortable.
7. When you observe that your milk flow is slowing and your breasts are not feeling full, turn off the pump.
8. Remove the breast pump, keep the breast pump upright, remove the motor part, hold the breast pump, pour the breast milk into a bottle or milk storage bag, mark the date and refrigerate.
9.Cleaning and sanitizing each part of the pump properly after use is a must. Failing to do so may cause health problems to your baby. After cleaning and sanitising it, dry it up with a paper towel to make it moisture free.
10. Be careful not to overuse the electric breast pump. Some mothers think that the electric breast pump is omnipotent, but if it is used improperly, the breast pump will also damage the nipple.

What are the Pros and Cons of Electric Breast Pumps?
1. Free your hands. For time-stressed moms, an electric breast pump can be a time-saver.
2. The suction power can be adjusted. There are different strengths of suction that can be adjusted, and moms can adjust it according to their own comfort and the length of time they spend.
3. Small size, easy to carry, the rechargeable model can make you not limited by the power supply, you can use it in the event of a power outage or when you cannot find the power supply.
4. Uniform suction. The electric breast pump imitates the baby's pumping rhythm, and also has a massage mode that stimulates the mammary glands before pumping, effectively promoting milk secretion, comfortable and painless.
5. Easy to clean. The motor is removable, only the parts that come into contact with the milk need to be cleaned.
1. It is more expensive than a manual breast pump.
2. Electric drive is required. Wired power breast pumps are limited by the location of the power source, and wireless power breast pumps need to be fully charged in time.
3. The sound is louder than the manual breast pump when in use.
4. It is heavier than a manual breast pump, only a lighter electric breast pump can be selected.

What Are the Side-effects of Using an Electrical Breast Pump?
1. Your baby may resist bottle feeding after touching your nipple, making feeding difficult.
2. If the breast pump is not cleaned and sterilized, it may become contaminated and cause serious health hazards to the baby.
3. Breast milk stored in cold storage needs to be heated before it can be fed to the baby, which is more troublesome.
4. Due to the incorrect size of the breast pump, or the high or slow pumping intensity, it may cause discomfort to the mother, and in severe cases, the nipple is injured.
5. Pumping too much and storing excess breast milk for later use can cause more breast milk to be produced, leading to breast tenderness. Incomplete breast emptying often leads to blocked ducts and mastitis.
6. The breast pump needs to be cleaned and sterilized after each use, and the sanitation treatment takes a lot of time and energy.
7. Moms can feel stressed and embarrassed about pumping, and mothers may not be able to find a private place to express their milk when they travel or work.

How Long Should I Pump?
It is usually necessary to spend 15 to 20 minutes using the pump, preferably no more than 30 minutes, in order to get a large amount of breast milk. Of course, some mothers may need 30 minutes or more to use a breast pump, especially in the early days.
Also, by emptying the udder more thoroughly, the body will receive an important message to make more milk for the next milking session. If the breasts are not fully emptied or emptied frequently enough, the body will start to produce less milk.
Try to pump at the same times as your baby feeds at home so you can maintain an adequate supply and in line with your baby's needs, usually every three to four hours.
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